Neural Axis®

Neural Axis®


Neural Arts® utilises a variety of methods depending on specific needs and program, including modern methods used in academia and education (e.g. microphenomenology), traditional self-cultivation methods (e.g. hatha yoga, chi kung, Taoist meditation, mantra), and modern syncretic methods (e.g. KAP). Some highlight methods are listed below.


Physiological Integration Process (a.k.a. KAP)

Commonly known as Dr. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, KAP is a simple set of skills that engages the actual physiological shifts experienced during physiological awakening, and then smoothly expands the body’s neural and endocrine networks to make the physiological shifts permanent.


Neural Active® Process

Gabriel Axel's Neural Active Process is a framework and method for self-cultivation designed with the brain in mind, that facilitates development of desired traits of consciousness and their integration by aligning experience with neuroscientific functionality.



Microphenomenology evokes experience about oneself through directed conversation, often resulting in specific insights about one's own cognitive processes that typically remain subconscious.