Neural Axis®

Neural Axis®


Neural Axis offers a suite of neuroscience-based services tailored to a client's needs:

  • Advisory

  • Strategy

  • Vision

  • Value (re-)alignment

  • Coaching

  • Design of organizational culture and psychology

  • Solutions for generating desired change and goals

Artificial intelligence

AI is here. The market is rapidly changing with a priority  on value-aligned AI that is positive for humanity.  It is crucial to create trust. We help organizations to become trustworthy. Neural Axis is grounded in deep neuroscience and developmental psychology, and actively monitors industry trends for expert predictions in the field of artificial intelligence.

Example client: SingularityNET

  • SingularityNET, a marketplace of AI's on the blockchain, heralds a new era of decentralized and democratized AI in a valley of centralized tech titans. Initial fundraising yielded $36 million. Ethics and value-alignment is fundamental to the success of SingularityNET. Neural Axis provides key ongoing services for SingularityNET that strengthen trust in its brand by increasing the robustness of its ethical value structures and long-term goals.


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Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality technologies redefine how the human interfaces with their environment. VR addresses the brain's fundamental multi-sensory mechanisms for constructing the sense of bodily self-consciousness. Through Neural Active, Neural Axis conducts academically published research on VR technology and works with partners to apply neuroscience-based principles to design VR applications for a variety of applications. Portfolio work  to-date includes:

  • Neuro-rehabilitation

  • Mind-body practice (e.g. meditation, qigong, yoga)

  • Space architecture & exploration

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Health & Wellness

Neural Axis is rooted in neuroscience, with a specialization in how the brain constructs the sense of self and embodiment. With ample experience in scientific peer-reviewed research, education, coaching, mentoring, and philosophy, Through Neural Arts, Neural Axis offers original solutions based on original and scientifically-backed frameworks for improving strategy in a variety of applications. Our services and solutions mobilize a variety of methods in psychology, mind-body practice, self-cultivation, physical culture, health & wellness programming, and technology increase engagement in a range of personal, business, and organizational endeavors. 

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