Neural Axis®

Neural Axis®


NeuroPhysiological Integration Process (“NPI”)

Neurophysiological Integration Process is a set of skills for safely awakening and stabilizing a set of non-ordinary neurophysiological changes in the body. The system is a distillation of principles and techniques from the world's wisdom traditions aimed at arousing, ‘awakening’, and stabilizing the biological changes that characterize the development of non-ordinary consciousness and its integration with ordinary consciousness. NPI gives an individual everything necessary to rapidly arouse and integrate these shifts and safely guide them through the process of sequentially and permanently rewiring the major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands. The potentized neuroendocrine networks are trained to be experienced as a continuum in the body and mind. These developments have parallels with what have previously been understood in pre-modern paradigms as "kundalini", "Kan & Li", and other terms across the world's wisdom traditions.

The NPI skillset is modular and is adaptable and scalable to an individual cultivator’s circumstances and needs. NPI is typically practiced first in free moments throughout the day and can then be progressively practiced while doing mundane activities and in social interaction.

General themes of NPI:

  • Relaxation and circulation

  • Breath and posture dynamics

  • Emotional and sensory amplification

  • Axial awareness and modes/metaphors of aliveness along the axis

  • Potential and kinetic energy experiences

  • Subjective perception of energy sensations

  • Integration of the logical mind and the creative subconscious

  • And more...