Neural Axis®

Neural Axis®

Neural Axis® & Gabriel Axel

Neural Axis is a readily accessible platform for self-management that incorporates insights from neurological and yogic sciences to enhance human functioning and maximize development. An open framework empowers practitioners to make educated and tailored choices that serve their immediate and ultimate needs. Scientific principles and practical body-mind-spirit exercises are used to gain an increasingly broader and deeper experience of all aspects of being. Through this approach, practitioners can progressively increase the health of the nervous system, activate and stabilize more coherent states of awareness, improve movement coordination, strengthen cognitive ability and concentration, expand perspective and worldview, balance emotions, and discover sovereignty of one's actions, thoughts, relationships, and overall energy.

Neural Axis offers services that are tailored to the client's specific needs, including personalized consultations to help individuals and teams develop an Integral practice that draws upon cutting-edge insights about the brain, yoga, and consciousness. Clients are treated as equal participants in an evolving process that engages a progressive practice with a rapid adaptation of methods.

Neural Arts®

Neural Arts is a branch of Neural Axis that focuses on the specific and specialised methods, techniques, and principles that develop mind, body, and spirit, using neuroscience as a guide. The methods incorporate modalities and tools from a variety of traditions and syncretic systems, secular and non-secular. The Neural Arts® methodology combines the best of perennial yogic knowledge and modern science, and it re-contextualises them for the individual's specific needs and application.

Neural Active®

Neural Active is a branch of Neural Axis that encompasses the theoretical and technological aspects of all Neural Axis methodology and applications. This includes the practical framework through which all activities are enacted, virtual reality applications for mind-body-spirit rehabilitation and enhancement, art, products, neurostimulation technology, health and dietary guidelines and protocols, and more.

Brain Hacking®

Brain Hacking is a process that embeds the conscious use of general and specific neural circuitry in combination with principles and techniques of various forms in order to deliberately reconfigure lived experience. Exercises intended to improve the function of the brain and nervous system as a whole are presented in a scientifically robust manner. With practice and skillful integration of the principles into everyday life, practitioners learn to better manage their wellbeing and cultivate a more balanced life, based on an understanding of brain functionality.