Neural Axis®

Neural Axis®

Neural Axis®

Neural Axis, founded by Gabriel Axel Montes (about him below), is an specialized consultancy that provides neuroscience-based technology strategy and value-alignment. Neural Axis helps companies and organizations align their strategy with values that drive stakeholder and customer trust.

Neural Axis has developed the first research-based practical methodology that harnesses the brain's functional architecture for out-of-the-box readiness in a wide range of applications. This has resulted in a 'non-steamroll' predictive framework that can reliably adapt to the uniqueness of each circumstance, while continually orienting and transforming toward dynamic goals. The framework is adaptive, modular, and robustly scalable. 

Neural Axis takes an integral approach, drawing from various technologies and sources, including:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Blockchain & cryptocurrency

  • Virtual/Augmented reality

  • Health & wellness

  • Academia

Gabriel Axel Montes

Gabriel Axel (Montes), Ph.D. Candidate, M.Sc., E-RYT 500, is a neuroscientisteducator, and musician. Possessing a passion for cultivating and researching the many dimensions of consciousness, he is passionate about life as both an artistic and scientific practice. Gabriel enjoys traveling the world, weaving a web of interconnection with the individuals and projects he encounters. Enthusiastic about the fusion of neuroscience and self-cultivation practices, Gabriel works on examining and mobilizing the potential of technologies such as artificial intelligencevirtual reality, andblockchain/cryptocurrency for the benefit of all sentient beings, consciousness, and planetary well-being. He consults on the practical and ethical application of such technologies for entrepreneurs, organisations, and humanitarian efforts. He has published numerous scholarly research articles in these areas (see Academic page).

An international educator/instructor of self-cultivation methodology and with a background in various systems of yoga, meditation, and 'intuitive healing' work, he delivers with a breath of fresh air by melding insights from both neuroscience and non-ordinary consciousness. Gabriel is a certified instructor of Dr. Morris' Physiological Integration Process (aka "KAP"), and employs it as a cornerstone in his teaching and practice. Gabriel speaks fluent English and Spanish, and teaches workshops and classes internationally, as well as offering private classes (individual and group).